Hi! Like many people who have been newly diagnosed with ME/CFS I am trying to find myself and understand how the “new me” fits into the world around me.  When everything was turned upside down I found it hard to orientate myself and, I guess, I lost sight of who I am and what I am about.  I want to share my journey with you and hopefully my discoveries can help you if you are in a similar position.  If you have ME/CFS you will know that concentrating, writing and reading are hard so I will be keeping my posts brief; with any luck I will be able to get my point across and you can follow what I’m saying!

I would dearly love for something positive to come from this illness.  In my work as a Police Officer I have encountered all manner of crises and life changing events.  I have always stood by the mandate that a crisis is also an opportunity and good can, and often does come from the darkest of circumstances.  If my sharing of my thoughts and experiences helps only one other person then good has come out of this illness and I will be satisfied and contented with my efforts.  I’m really interested to hear from others who have gone through similar experiences or have found ways of coping or making life easier for themselves and those around them.

Life with ME/CFS, and so it begins…